Colloide Awarded a second Severn Trent Framework

Colloide Engineering Systems have been named on a supplier framework by Severn Trent Water to provide Tertiary Solids Removal- Lot 3 Continuous Upflow Filters (COUF’s).

Colloide will work with each of the Tier One Contractors including Costain Ltd, Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd, MWH Treatment Ltd and North Midland Construction Plc. to deliver projects for Severn Trent Water. The contract shall commence in November 2016.

Severn Trent Water supply drinking water to a population of over 7.7 million with an average of 1.8 billion litres supplied each day.

The Tertiary Solids Removal Framework covers the Design, at Works testing, provision of drawings, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery, Installation, provision of associated documentation, on site testing and commissioning of tertiary solids removal plant for use in the Water Industry.

The duration of the framework will be for a maximum of 10 years comprising of an initial award of 5 years with an option to extend for a maximum of 5 years.

Colloide currently operate with Severn Trent Water on their Chemical Dosing Framework and are excited about this other opportunity!



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Technical Information

Colloide’s sand filter systems are high-performing and reliable solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Each of our filters are engineered to meet the specific performance requirements of individual wastewater treatment plants. Find out more about our continuously backwashing Sand Filters features and benefits or more about our Dynamic Sand Filters.



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