Colloide Awarded District Heating Contract

Colloide Engineering Systems Ltd has been awarded a contract by Islington Borough Council to expand its pioneering district heating network. This scheme will build upon the Bunhill Heat and Power Network which already heats 700 homes.

Colloide will design and build a new energy centre. The work includes the laying of approximately 600m of new pipes to connect the new centre to the existing Bunhill Heat and Power, which will heat a Council estate, a local school, a proposed sheltered housing block and a nursery in South Islington.

Colloide Engineering Systems Ltd are delighted to partner with Islington Borough Council in delivering more affordable heat to the community of South Islington.

Further information:

Islington plans to extend the existing heating pipe network from Bunhill Energy Centre up Central Street to City Road. A new energy centre will be built on the junction of Moreland Street and Central Street, on the east side of Kestrel House, where a small building currently stands.

The picture below highlights what the Energy Centre will look like when it is constructed:

How it looks now
How it will look when completed
How it will look when completed