Colloide Complete Contract with ARTS Ltd at Diageo, Belfast

Colloide have recently completed a huge project with ARTS Ltd at Diageo. The project was to build a PH Correction system to measure and modify the effluent pH and keep it within Diageo’s license limits. Colloide’s proposed solution included acid dosing and sodium hydroxide dosing to allow control of the pH levels.

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol. They provide consumers with choice and quality across categories and price points. Diageo has built a strong platform for growth through investing in their brands and routes to consumers. Over the last five years they have made acquisitions in brands and local distribution while doubling the size of their luxury business.

In order to fulfil the project’s needs, Colloide required a number of different components, specifically:

  • A new pumping station
  • Valve Chambers
  • Contact Tanks
  • PH Measurement systems
  • Antifoam dosing system, to name but a few.

The installation of these components allows the system to work correctly in an effective and efficient manner to achieve the aims set out by Colloide.

Having recently diversified into the Food and Drink industry, this is an excellent start to a new strand of business Colloide now fully operate in.