Colloide Complete works at Craigmore Landfill site

Colloide have completed the design and build of a new leachate treatment plant at Craigmore Landfill site for River Ridge Recycling.

Colloide’s scope of works included the integration of a new leachate treatment plant to an existing leachate treatment works to meet the Trade Effluent Consent standards as set out by NI Water. Colloide’s solution was to integrate an SBR process for the new treatment plant.

Colloide’s SBR process is based on biological treatment of wastewater, facilitated with high performance levels that in turn can be applied for municipal, leachate and industrial wastewaters. If you require a bespoke SBR process plant to be designed specifically Colloide can meet your requirements. View more info here on our SBR process.

Leachate Treatment Plant for Craigmore Landfill Site