Colloide Neilston Bridge Scraper install for Primary Settlement Tank

Colloide Engineering have been successful in being awarded Bridge Scraper install for Primary Settlement Tank. The contract is to upgrade Neilston Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) for Scottish Water as part of Scottish Water’s capital Maintenance and Quality programme.

Neilston STW is situated south-west of Glasgow. The existing works comprise inlet screening, grit removal, primary settlement tanks, activated sludge process, final settlement tanks, and gravity sludge thickening. Due to tightening quality requirements, an upgrade to the existing treatment works is intended with a primary focus on the sites two Primary Settlement Tank. A new selector tank is the preferred option to meet the Quality driver and some capital maintenance type upgrades are required to meet the WWNI driver.



Primary Settlement Tank Project Drivers

Neilston STW required an upgrade to meet the following drivers:

  • EC04A Freshwater for Fish Directive (continuous discharge)
  • EC10A Water Framework Directive (continuous discharge)
  • WWNI Wastewater Non-infrastructure Capital Maintenance


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Colloide Engineerings Scope of Work

Colloide’s scope of works on Neilston’s new WwTW is for the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of two complete bridges for two Primary Settlement Tank. Colloide are currently a named supplier on Scottish Waters Bridge Scraper Framework and have worked with the water authority on a number of projects in recent years.

The upgrade is intended to meet a tightened Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Ammonia sanitary standard of 10mg/l and 2mg/l, respectively.

Colloide Upgrade Neilston WwTW
Colloide Upgrade Neilston WwTW














Why choose Colloide?

We work extensively providing water and wastewater treatment solutions across municipal and industrial sectors, from water treatment plants and technologies for some of the UK’s largest water companies to effluent and water handling solutions for industrial clients. We design, manufacture and install circular and rectangular bridge scraping systems (plastic and steel) for settlement and flotation tanks. Our equipment is available on a short lead time and designs are suitable for heavy-duty applications, delivering long life with minimum maintenance.

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