Colloide raise money for St Luke’s!

Two members of Colloide Engineering Systems, Elaine Hargan (Resident Liaison Officer) and Joanne Irwin (General Manager) and are currently completing a 100 mile run challenge in the month of September in order to raise money for St Luke’s Community Centre.

Colloide Engineering is the contractor appointed by Islington Council to complete the Bunhill Heat and Power Phase 2 Project. Works are currently taking place along Central Street. The scheme will build upon the Bunhill Heat and Power Network which already heats 700 homes. You can find out more information about the existing Bunhill Heat and Power scheme and the extension project at

As the end of the month draws closer, Elaine and Joanne have only a mere 30 miles left to complete this challenge.


On top of their 100 mile challenge Elaine and Joanne have signed up to complete a 10k race, on the 3rd December in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Again all money raised will be donated to St Luke’s Community Centre.

Elaine and Joanne are collecting donations internally from Colloide members of staff. Any further donations would be greatly appreciated. You can donate online by following the just giving link

Follow our social media sites for updates on the 100 mile challenge and the 10k race!!



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