Colloide has a strong base of experience in the energy sector, and particularly within heat recovery and renewable heating.

With our core mechanical, electrical and process engineering skills, and our experience in energy balances and infrastructural projects, we can design and supply systems ranging from energy centres and heat recovery systems for large scale district heating networks through to biomass heating installations on farms.

Our experience includes:

  • district heating and cooling networks;
  • commercial and industrial heating systems;
  • energy centres;
  • heat recovery systems;
  • renewable energy and biomass heating.

Commercial, financial and regulatory pressures mean that energy is now widely recognised as a valuable and depleting resource. Within this sector we need to be at the cutting edge of technology and anticipate the pressures of the future as well as today. We work with our clients to design and install sustainable systems that optimise energy efficiencies and resource recovery, and make commercial sense.