District Heating & Cooling Networks

Colloide designs and installs sustainable district heating and cooling networks, working with our clients to deliver the highest performing systems in terms of heat efficiency and carbon emissions.

With our own in-house design team, intelligent project design and high quality products, we can design cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our designs are closed loop, taking into consideration energy generation, distribution, fuel source through to how the energy will be used.

We design systems to include pumps, pipework, thermal stores, instrumentation, control systems, local substations, heat exchange and a central control system – building in as much flexibility as possible.

Whatever the scale of the project, and whether a new installation or upgrade to an existing network, we can provide a full EPCM service, managing the design, civil engineering, installation and commissioning process, including engagement with local communities and stakeholders, or we can be a specialist contractor providing an element of the district heating system, and liaising seamlessly with other partners within the supply chain.

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