Colloide has completed an impressive portfolio of biomass heating projects for industrial and commercial clients across the UK and Ireland, with a particular specialism within the agricultural sector.

Some Government initiatives are currently in place to support the installation of biomass boilers. The SSRH is currently supporting biomass boiler installations in Ireland. Click here to read more.

We design and install the complete system, including the boiler, biomass storage and handling, pipework, buffer vessels and controls. Our systems are tailored to the client’s specific heating requirements, site restrictions, feedstock options and budget.

We also offer a packaged biomass system, called the ‘Heat Pod’, which is a complete heating solution packaged within its own housing and constructed off-site.

We take pride in ensuring that our products and workmanship are of the highest quality, and in planning our installations to minimise disruption and any downtime experienced by the client.

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