Futamura Continuously Backwashing Sand Filters and Lamellas

Colloide Engineering Systems receive an order from Japanese firm Futamura Chemical Co Ltd for the supply of Lamella Clarifiers and 4 Continuously backwashing Sand Filters. Futamura Chemicals are a global market leader in manufacturing renewable and compostable packaging films and cellulose casings.

Futamura have a global presence in Japan, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and recently expanded into the UK market with a base in Cumbria.

The expected delivery date for sand filters to Futamura is February 2018.


Why choose Colloide?

Colloide Engineering Systems are one of a few Lamella Separator Package (LSF) suppliers that are in the list of Approved Products and Processes for use in Public Water Supply published by the DWI and our systems can be designed in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. The clarifier can be used as a standalone system, taking the full plant flow, with or without additional equipment such as sand filters, screens, etc. Learn more about the features and benefits of a Lamella Separator or view our short video on how Lamella Separator Systems work.

Colloide’s sand filter systems are high-performing and reliable solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Each of our filters are engineered to meet the specific performance requirements of individual wastewater treatment plants. Find out more about our continuously backwashing Sand Filters features and benefits. 


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