Invercannie WTW DAF De-sludge Scraper and Beach

At Invercannie Water Treatment Works (WTW) Colloides work package as Mechanical and Electrical contractors was for the provision of 5 No. Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) De-sludge Scraper assemblies for a new plant. This install was for Scottish Water with main contractor ESD.

These works are part of a substantial two-year £52 million revamp of the historical Aberdeenshire waterworks, which are more than 150 years old and once hailed a jewel in the crown of engineering success. Opened by Queen Victoria in 1866, the treatment works at Invercannie, Banchory, was designed to supply Aberdeen’s drinking water and is still the main source for the region today.

In 1866 with a growing population of 75,000, the site had to supply 27 million litres of water every day. Today the Water Works supplies fresh, high-quality water to around 300,000 customers and will be able to deliver 63 million litres of drinking water a day after its refurbishment.

Invercannie DAF de-sludge scraper - Colloide Engineering
Colloide Offloading and installation of 5no DAF scrapers which takes place prior to the Client installing the building roof & walls. Complete installation of scraper arms in DAF Tanks. Colloide return in June 21 to complete the install, now that the DAF building roof and walls are installed and the building is weather proof.


Colloides Scope of work

Colloide were tasked with the detailed design and production of drawings, data and calculations, supply and manufacture, delivery to site, offloading and installation of items which included:

  • 5 No. DAF De-sludge Scraper assemblies. 9m wide rectangular concrete tank.
  • Associated Electrical Works
  • Factory Inspection
  • All testing, dry and wet commission of the new DAF De-sludge Scraper Assemblies.
  • First fill of all required oils, fuels, chemicals, reagents etc.
  • Provision of Operating and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Provision of training to the Contractor and the Clients Operators and Maintenance Technicians.

The DAF Plant design had to be suitable for either continuous de-sludging or intermittent de-sludging of the plant.

Invercannie DAF de-sludge scraper - Colloide EngineeringDownload our Invercannie Water Treatment Works Case Study to find out more.

Invercannie WTW Key Participant: Scottish Water, ESD Joint Venture, Colloide Engineering Systems, Joseph Gallagher, Breedons, Careys, Ross-shire Engineering, ICS, Dustacco, SEEPEX UK Ltd, Goodwin Tanks, Statiflo, AJ Engineering, Technocover.


Why choose Colloides DAF Systems?

The performance of our Dissolved Air flotation (‘DAF’) unit is superior to that of similar or alternative technologies, both as a clarifier of primary or secondary effluent waters and as a thickener for biological sludge. The simplicity of the design of the AQUA-DAF system is at the core of its high operational reliability and its remarkable versatility. The circular low head geometry of the cell, innovative hydrodynamics of fluids entering and exiting the cell, and the proven efficiency of the floating sludge removal system all contribute to the excellent performance of our DAF system.

We also have access to the latest technologies and long-standing relationships with an extensive range of component suppliers. Find out more about the features and benefits of a DAF system or the DAF process.


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