Biomass Heating – Agricultural Sector

Colloide has designed and installed biomass heating systems for a number of poultry farmers throughout Northern Ireland. Some Government initiatives are currently in place to support the installation of biomass boilers. The SSRH is currently supporting biomass boiler installations in Ireland. Click here to read more.

Each system was designed following a site visit and was then tailored to each farmer’s individual requirements. The scheduling and timeframe for installation and commissioning was developed to avoid disruption to the operation of the farm and keep any downtime to a minimum, and we take great pride in the knowledge that all products used in the installations are of the highest quality – delivering highly cost effective and efficient heating solutions.

Our experience ranges from projects to design and install a single boiler to heat one poultry house, through to a system with four boilers to heat four poultry houses, through to a project to install one large boiler networked to heat three poultry houses. Our experience also ranges from installations into new build projects as well as retrofitting into operational poultry houses.

Colloide was responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of the biomass heating system and associated plant, including boilers, buffer tanks, pellet storage and feedstock handling, pipework, pumps, valves, instrumentation and control – we design and supply the complete system.


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