Diageo pH correction and effluent treatment


Colloide was appointed by Diageo to design and install a pH monitoring and control system, to regulate the pH levels of effluent leaving the effluent treatment plant and ensure that it remained within the discharge license limits.

After surveying the existing discharge levels, we designed a system to regulate the pH levels from fluctuating both above and below the license limits.

The system included:

a) A new pumping station, with overflow connection to a sampling chamber, a valve chamber and a contact tank for dosing.
b) A pH measurement system, with a number of triple validation probes.
c) Acid and alkali storage and dosing systems, and an independent antifoam dosing system
d) Central control system to monitor and control all of the plant from main process pumps to dosing systems.

Following completion, equipment training and the handover consultation, Diageo have without fail reached their desired limits, which align with the limitations set by Northern Ireland Water standards. Diageo are now confident that, if levels fluctuated outside the specified working range, it would be immediately detected and adjusted.

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