Bunhill District Heating Energy Centre


Colloide has been appointed by Islington Borough Council as the principal contractor to design and build a district heating Energy Centre as part of the expansion of its pioneering district heating network. This project will expand on the Bunhill Heat and Power Network which already heats 700 homes.

Colloide is responsible for the design and build of a new energy centre, which includes c600m of new pipework to connect the energy centre to the existing Bunhill Heat and Power network. It will provide affordable heat for a large area of council housing, a local school, a proposed sheltered housing block and a nursery in South Islington – connecting a further 454 homes to the heat network and with the potential to supply a further 1000 homes.

The energy centre is being built in a densely populated area and, as part of the overall project management, we are responsible for managing communication with the local community and ensuring that the project is carried out with minimal disruption and that a positive relationship is maintained with the local community throughout.

Our design includes a number of innovative energy solutions, including an ammonia heat pump driven by heat recovery from the London Underground, natural gas CHP units, thermal store, and an efficient distribution network with associated instrumentation and controls.


Islington Borough Council



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