Pateshill Water Treatment Works


Scottish Water appointed Colloide as the principal contractor responsible for designing and undertaking a major upgrade to the Pateshill water treatment works, to bring a dated plant up to standard and future-proofed for future requirements.

Pateshill is a major treatment works, supplying to five different towns. The plant had to be kept operational throughout the upgrade project so that there was no disruption to supply, and we had to ensure that there was no risk of water contamination.

We designed a system including five new intelligent control panels, a new SCADA system integrating new and existing plant and linked to Scottish Water’s head office control system, upgraded instrumentation throughout the site, an updated lime dosing system, a new ALBA dosing system, a new poly dosing system, two 40,000 litre storage tanks and upgrading four clarifiers and six rapid gravity filters, including motors, pumps, mixers and instrumentation.

We designed, installed and commissioned the upgraded plant, managing all civil works associated with the project, including underground mains pipes, cable ducting and lsn-fibre, profibus and Modbus cabling.

At the outset, we undertook indepth surveys and cabling to build a database of information on the plant and enable a tailored design to be developed

Due to the age of the plant, a large degree of reverse engineering was required. In total, c100 items of plant/instrumentation were replaced. whilst another 100 items were taken onto the new IMCC panels and SCADA system and approximately 1200-1500 signals were transferred from old redundant panels to the new SCADA System.

We are proud to have successfully undertaken such a major upgrade, on time, within budget and without any disruption on service to the customers and households serviced by Pateshill.

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