Stamullen Waste Water Treatment Works


Colloide was appointed as the principal contractor to undertake a major upgrade of Stamullen Wastewater Treatment Work on behalf of Meath County Council.

The project involved upgrading two aeration tanks, installing a new tertiary treatment plant, and upgrading the SCADA controls to include integration with the new tertiary plant.

We installed manifolds and a fine bubble diffused air system in a specific ‘pod’ format around each tank, with dissolved oxygen meters linked to a central controller.

The tertiary treatment involved our own continuous backwashing sand filters, to achieve a final effluent quality of 10mg/l BOD5 and 10mg/l T.S.S. Colloide’s Dynamic Sand Filter and chemical dosing is highly effective in the removal of solids, BOD/COD, P and ammonia, and uses a unique counter current variable velocity washing. The filtration system was installed above ground with a compressed air system housed in an adjacent building.

Our unique tertiary treatment system:

  • Minimises running and maintenance costs. It does not have any mechanical moving parts, thereby reducing costs from wear, tear and maintenance, and has its own internal sand air-lift system.
  • Removes the need for a pumping station, backwash water storage and backwash pumps.
  • Is highly efficient in removing fine solids, colloidal particles, BOD/COD, P and ammonia, with coagulation, flocculation and filtration in one step.

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