Renewable Heating Installations for the Agricultural Sector

Each installation carried out by Colloide is tailored to farmer’s specific requirements, site visits occur to ensure that the most cost effective system is put in place.
In addition to this, a dedicated team is assigned to each project to ensure timely delivery – thus ensuring that the downtime experienced is kept to a minimum, ensuring no interruption to crops. 
Colloide have completed a number of Biomass boiler installations throughout Northern Ireland, in particular for a number of well known poultry farmers. This growth has stemmed from a successful portfolio of completed biomass projects within the main UK commercial industry.  
Moy Park, Northern Ireland’s leading poultry food manufacture, had numerous poultry farmers whom required a solution to improve animal welfare and reduce energy costs. The company has secured major partnership investments in biomass technology and long term biomass fuel supply in England to improve sustainable fuel efficiency. 
Designing bespoke efficient systems was a key factor for the solution. This was accomplished through working with our experienced contractors, consultants, and with our partner network to provide reliable biomass solutions. An essential element to our solution was ensuring when the projects reached commissioning and handover stage, all systems and components of the plant have been, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements of the client. We also ensured that each farmer was suitably trained to operate and maintain their biomass systems. 

The biomass projects replacing LPG fuel with wood pellets sustainably sourced in total, reduced Moy Park’s farmers emissions by 18,500 tonnes of CO2e per annum, contributing toward our net zero future ambitions.


“As a renewable energy source, biomass not only ensures our farms are more sustainable, but also delivers additional welfare benefits for the birds, through enhanced environmental conditions on farm. Biomass also improves fuel efficiency which contributes to overall sustainability. As a responsible business, sustainable production is central to our long-term strategy and our ambitions to grow the company through delivering higher welfare fresh locally farmed poultry for our customers and consumers.” 
Alan Gibson, Moy Park UK and Ireland Director