Support Scheme Renewable Heat

The Irish Government has established the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) which will support renewable heating projects through one of the following support mechanisms:


1. An on-going operational support (paid for a period up to 15 years) based on useable heat output in renewable heating systems in new installations or installations that currently use a fossil fuel heating system and convert to using the following technologies:

-Biomass boiler or biomass CHP heating systems
-AD or biogas CHP heating systems


2. A grant (of up to 30%) to support investment in renewable heating systems that use the following technologies:
-Air source heat pumps
-Ground source heat pumps and
-Water source heat pumps


The grant mechanism of the fund opened for applications last month (September 2018) however, the operational support aspect of the scheme is still pending state aid approval.

The SSRH presents an opportunity for the Farming community of Ireland to adopt more sustainable practices which benefits both their own business growth and attractiveness to the Agri-Food market, and it also goes a long way in helping the country reach their 2020 targets for the reduction of carbon emissions.


How Can Colloide Help You?


We have an experienced team with the technical knowledge in the design, build, operation and maintenance of Anaerobic Digestion plans, Biomass boilers and Heat Pumps.

Acting as the design & build contractor and supported by our supply chain, we can offer a ‘turn key package’. Our ‘full circle’ service removes the pressure & time constraints for our clients.

Find out more on our energy solutions.

If you would like to find out more information on our service or the support schemes available, please contact Stacey on:


T: 028 8675 8638 | E: [email protected]




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