Control Systems

Colloide offer easy to use and easy to implement control solutions. We couple motor control centres to PLC/SCADA systems to give our customers what they want. Our success as a SCADA / PLC Solution provider lies in our ability to provide easy to use systems which are flexible, maintainable and offer a secure software platform.

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Features & Benefits

  • Control systems are totally tailored to our clients’ requirements.
  • On site commissioning on all projects.
  • Systems with remote access for our customers and dial out alarm systems.
  • Open operating platforms such as Siemens or Allen Bradley.
  • Integration of telemetry and alarm systems across several sites into common system.
  • Ongoing support available from Colloide.


We have extensive experience with a broad range of PLC & SCADA software, and of tailoring solutions for process control and monitoring across various industries, including:

  • water and wastewater treatment plants.
  • landfill sites and leachate management.
  • building management systems.
  • energy management systems.
  • aggregates industry distribution systems.
  • brewing control systems.