Colloide’s Moving Bed Bioreactor (‘MBBR’) System provides a highly effective treatment solution using biofilm to provide organic carbon removal and nitrification/de-nitrification where necessary.

The process forms a highly reliable and robust solution for wastewater treatment and uses biofilm carriers in the treatment tanks on which the biomass grows. Aeration then supplies the energy to disperse the carriers.

With standard MBBR, wastewater is treated only with carriers ie. no suspended biomass involved. More specialised process with internal recycles are used for nutrient removal. IFAS processes use both carriers and suspended biomass to carry out the treatment.

All of this leaves the MBBR system a highly flexible system whether for a new plant or the upgrade to an existing one.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highly flexible and can be used in a variety of configurations (standard MBBR, IFAS BNR etc.) to achieve the necessary treatment.
  • Short system retention times, as we can engineer a lot of treatment capacity into a small volume – much better than conventional activated sludge systems.
  • The attached growth system is much more robust than conventional activated sludge systems.
  • Can be used to upgrade existing activated sludge systems.
  • We can provide packaged systems including tanks, media, screens, etc.


Colloide’s MBBR can be used in new wastewater treatment plants, either as a packaged or bespoke solution – or integrated in series with conventional activated sludge system or as a hybrid with biofilm carriers used in the same tank as conventional activated sludge – or to upgrade an existing wastewater treatment plant.