Training and Professional Development Takes Place at Colloide

As part of Colloide’s ongoing commitment to professional development for our employees, have been participating in training programmes delivered in house and externally.

Team members from various departments in the business have undertaken ILM Level 5 (Institute of Leadership Management) Leadership and Management course, attending seminars delivered in house over a 10-week period. Topics covered in the Leadership and Management Course include; working with people, providing direction and facilitating innovation and change.

Alongside the ILM qualification, several of our project engineers and managers enrolled in ICE Certificate Law and Contract Management, delivered externally by Quigg and Golden. The ICE course is designed to improve project managers and engineers’ understanding on contractual conditions around NEC3 family of contracts.

This training and professional development opportunity upgrades our knowledge and understanding of these two areas and will strengthen both the quality of work output by Colloide and have a greater impact in business operations overall.


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